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Intuitive Guidance, Psychic Medium
Oracle and Tarot Card

 Reading - Session


This session is a great tool to use, to check in where you are at in life or in certain situation of your concern, certain aspect of your life! 

During the session you can find out:
* what the situation or aspect of life of your concern, is about
*what the energy of the situation is
* what's hidden
*what can be done to improve
* what's important to know about situation
* what's important to know and what can you do, in order to heal, to move through and move forward 


You can also connect with your deceased loved one/s during the session or sometimes deceased loved ones come through with some messages unexpectedly. 

These sessions are designed to bring you

and more... 
to help you on your life's journey

Session is done via video-call (facetime/watsapp) and can be recorded (your choice) on mp3!
Timewise it is approx 1 hr long.
Investment in session is:


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