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About Me

Hi, ReGina here... 

As someone who has always felt different and like I don't belong, I have quite extensive list of accomplishments in my life: but alltogether is what 
* lost my childhood at the age of 5 y.o. and pretty much raised myself since then
* worked paid jobs since I was 7 y.o.
* grew up under communism regime up until I was 14 y.o, in Latvia, small country in NE Europe that was part of Soviet Union - experienced all that comes with living in oppressed country - no freedom of speech or individuality, very restricted

*graduated college and left the country to travel and live in different countries as an Au-Pair aka live in nanny which is a different, more inclusive way of learning about different cultures, different lifestyles, learning language, culture etc...

Restarted life in different countries, different parts of different countries alone as a single woman  without family or friends - close to 20 different times

Indigo - Empath - 



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